Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis [NEAT]

Are you NEAT?

What is your activity level during the day? Are you sitting all day or do you move around? There are quite many factors that impact our metabolism; physical activity, food, age and gender (as we get age our metabolism slows down, especially for women). Stress also impacts our metabolism as our body releases more cortisol when stressed, shifting our body’s focus from our digestive system to be more attentive and ready for potential dangers.


In this blog, I will focus on how movement and eating the right food can improve your metabolism.

What is NEAT?

One way to boost your metabolism (calorie burn rate) is to work on your NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis). That means all movement we do during a day excluding sleeping, eating and exercising. Ex. walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, standing up in a meeting rather than sitting down, cleaning etc.

Learn why and how you can boost your metabolism through NEAT!

As humans we were designed to move...

.... yet we have consciously reduced many opportunities to move in our everyday life. There is such a demand on us being efficient, both at work and at home, that we have almost over-engineered and automated every minute of our lives!

Let's take a step back. Even though we have been around for 200 000 years, our bodies have changed very little. Our lives used to involve a lot of activities; hunting, walking, lifting, preparing our food, moving around, carrying stones e.t.c. and we had very few tools to help us. It was very physical and our metabolism was programmed, and still is, to survive according to these circumstances.
Today, most of our days look very little like this. Especially for us who work in offices. The Tech development is great and has helped us in so many ways, but it has also reduced the necessity for us to be physically active.

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